• Girls' Night OUT

  • 21 Martie 22:00 - 22 Martie 01:00
    Găzduit de:
  • RO
    MARTI va asteptam sa fiti cat mai obraznice, cat mai nebune, cat mai puse pe sotii dar mai ales pe barmani ! :D

    Pentru ca toata lumea stie...INTRE 12-01, PHI18 FACE CINSTE CU SHOT-URI tuturor domnisoarelor ! :X

    Ce se intampla dupa...ramane in PHI!

    Remember...good girls go to B.C.U...."bad" girls go to PHI!

    Fetele - au intrarea GRATUITA!
    Baietii - 10 lei

    REZERVARI: 0728-123.100 (fara consumatie obligatorie)
    TUESDAY we expect you to be as naughty, as crazy you can be, to have some crazy-ass fun with our bartenders ! : D

    Because everyone knows ... BETWEEN 12-01 , PHI18 is giving free shots to all you girls !!! :X

    What happens after ... remains PHI !

    Girls - enter for FREE!
    Boys - 10 lei

    FREE RESERVATIONS: 0728-123.100