• Catch A Smile Day - 4

  • 7 August 00:00 - 02:00
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  • Be a Bro to Others!

    On the 7`th of August we challenge you to be a Better Person!

    We Challenge you to do something nice, something good, to another person. It could be as simple as giving someone you don`t know a flower, or buying a sandwich to a homeless guy, USE YOUR IMAGINATION! We want you to be better in that day!
    It doesn`t matter where you are from, if you are bearded or not, if you have tattoos or not, if you`re white, black, brown, yellow...WE ARE ALL HUMANS!
    So let`s act accordingly!

    We need your help with this campaign! Share this event, share our upcoming posters, so people all arround the world can know about it! Let`s make this HUGE! Let`s see what we are made of!

    Record or take a picture of your act and send it at hello@beard-brothers.ro and we will make the greatest movie!

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    Beard On!