• Palestinians & Israelis: Moving Towards Needs-Based Solutions

  • 19 Octombrie 15:00 - 19:00
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems to have no end in sight. For too long, politics has attempted to shape the people, rather than the people shaping politics. Considering alternative approaches to the transformation and resolution of the conflict remains a political taboo, despite many initiatives on the ground led by ordinary Palestinians and Israelis seeking a peaceful and just solution for both peoples.

    The event aims to help break this taboo to allow for an open and unconstrained debate that includes a wide variety of local views on the needs that the political organisation of Palestine & Israel should fulfill. There are numerous advocates of different approaches on the most viable organisation of governance, whether in academia, civil society or at grass roots level, and the exchange of ideas is burgeoning. By failing to provide a platform for dialogue, ideas emerging from these sections of society often do not reach the policy debate, whether in Palestine & Israel or at EU level. This is to the detriment of the debate.

    With this event, the European Platform for Middle East Dialogue (EPMED) will aim to provide such a platform, allowing actors from various sections of society to present their perspectives on this issue. By organising the event in the European Parliament, one of the preeminent international forums for dialogue, the event will have political credibility. EPMED hopes that by empowering local perspectives at EU-level, the EU policy debate on relations with Israel and Palestine can take account of a wider variety of narratives on how to move towards needs-based solutions for the conflict.

    EPMED is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote understanding, respect and tolerance between conflict stakeholders by highlighting the existence of alternative conflict perspectives. We seek to provide a platform for constructive and inclusive dialogue in Europe on issues related to conflict in the Middle East, with a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At EU level, EPMED aims to facilitate the coordination and amplification of local conflict perspectives in order to empower Europe by enriching the policy debate.

    In this endeavour, EPMED is joined by the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR). PATRIR is a member of the PeaceTraining.EU consortium and was awarded the Luxembourg International Peace Prize for ‘Outstanding Peace Organisation’ on 30 June 2017. PATRIR is committed to a world in which conflicts are transformed constructively, through peaceful means, in which individuals, communities, countries and local, national, regional and international organisations and actors are empowered to address conflicts effectively, and work together to do so.