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    Alandala day&night v.016 ▼ [opening party]

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    27 Mai 18:00 - 22:00
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  • getting people together and having A great time is where our story begins.
    we’re committed to reinventing the city. we Like to think outside, no box required.
    & we’ll proudly make your mondAy miserable.
    we are young, impulsive and waNt what “cannot be done”.
    we want our attendees Dazed by the blending between stunning locations and set-ups, tongue-in-cheek line-ups and visual mApping show that make the partygoers feel like they’ve physicalLy stepped into another dimension.
    and we want to get better and better with each event.
    we start on 27th May and continue all summer long.
    we'll make it feel short & unforgettAble.
    by day // casino park [18:00-00:00]
    ❐ GOLAN live
    ❐ Oktopus
    ❐ Mathei
    by night // polyvalent hall [00:00-08:00]
    ❐ Howl Ensemble
    [Giovanni Verrina & Germano Ventura]
    ❐ Nu Zau
    ❐ Paul K
    more info soon