• Cluj Napoca Rock n'Roll presents Dot Legacy [fr] + others

  • 4 Octombrie 20:00 - 22:00
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  • ● DOT LEGACY● [fr]
    Fuzzed-out Rock N Roll / Psych Stoner
    - www.dotlegacyband.com
    - www.totheothers.com
    - www.instagram.com/dotlegacy
    - https://dotlegacy.bandcamp.com/music

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    The band was brought together back in 2009. Far from the idea of playing around the world and releasing albums with international record companies, these four high school kids had no idea what was coming at them when they started rehearsing in a Paris basement.
    After taking the time to evolve, Dot Legacy signed with Setalight Records to release their First Self-Titled Album in June 2014. This was then followed by several Tours across Europe and South America to achieve a total of more than a hundred concerts, giving energy wherever they could and started to build a solid fan base, spreading and growing. Playing with the likes of Blues Pills, Mars Red Sky and Truckfighters, the band fought to get a unique distinction and a special style of music.

    What kind of music? Well, the term “Energy Rock” is vague enough for people to still wonder what on earth it means, and even the band itself has no idea how to define what they do, the intention is to let anyone that feels and listens put their own etiquette on Dot Legacy, or not.

    The upcoming release of Dot Legacy’s second album will be on Setalight Records and will be titled: To the Others. The idea and the motion behind this album is simple: evolve and explore. Dot Legacy has had the reputation of making intricate compositions and complex forms. For this album the aim was to create a true efficiency all along the record. Composed while on Tour, the venues and tour buses were perfect places to experiment and thus create another Unique variation of what is Dot Legacy.

    To support the release of "To the Others", two massive European tours are on the way: the first one with Valley of The Sun and the second one with Truckfighters across more than 35 cities.

    After the recent events in their hometown Paris and around the world, these high school classmates now have one mission: spread the energy and the will to create, as one Brotherhood.�