• International Erasmus Games (IEG) 2018 - Local Phase

  • 17 Martie 10:00 - 14:00
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  • Erasmus Student Network organizes the International Erasmus Games - IEG yearly📈.
    Erasmus Student Network Cluj-Napoca - ESN Cluj Napoca supports activities that bring people together and creates new opportunities to integrate everyone in the society and form strong relationships during the Erasmus➕ Mobility and not only.
    Doing physical exercise helps us stay healthy and a sports team👥 can also help to build group spirit and strengthen our ties with the communities that surround us.
    Now you have the chance to combine🔄your Erasmus bliss with some sporting charm. How❓ Simple❗ Participate in the International Erasmus Games (IEG).

    Do you fancy basketball🏀, futsal⚽, volleyball🏐 or tennis🎾? Do you want to have the chance to go - with friends - to the national event* which will take place in Constanța (📆29.03-01.04) to represent ESN Cluj-Napoca in a sports battle against other ESN sections? If your team will win🍀, you may represent the whole country at the international event taking place in Niš, Serbia (International Erasmus Games NIŠ 2018).

    Cluj-Napoca’s local phase of the International Erasmus Games 2018 will take place between 📆17-18th of March. If you want to be a part of it, complete the form below until Tuesday, 📆13th of March (🔔deadline).
    For each sport, there is a limited number of players. You can sign up📄 with a team or as an individual. One person can participate in all sports, if wanted. Please take into consideration that every team** must have a minimum number of players on the field at all times representing both sexes, in order to be eligible, as it follows:

    • 🏀Basketball: three (3⃣) players on the field plus a maximum of three reserves.
    • 🏐Volleyball: five (5⃣) players on the field plus a maximum of six reserves (at least 2 female players present on the field at all times).
    • ⚽Futsal: Each team consists of five (5⃣) players (4 players + 1 goalkeeper) on the field plus a maximum of five reserves (minimum one girl on the field during the game)
    • 🎾Tennis: Each team will consist of two (2⃣) players on the field, plus two reserves (one for the girl, one for the boy)

    🔛 https://tinyurl.com/IEG2018-ClujLocalPhase 🔛

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:
    Patricia Cosma
    Cristian Pașka

    Let's go, players! 💚

    *Those qualified for the national event will have to pay a participation fee (to be announced soon)
    **ESN members are allowed as well in the team, but no more than 50% of the total members.

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