• Mixkassette - Episode No. 003 w. MEN-D & Random Brandon

  • 18 Martie 16:00 - 18:00
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  • Every Sunday around 4 p.m., much of the developed world gives a collective groan. The weekend is fast receding, Monday is fast approaching, and the blues set in.

    Put your mind at ease and enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening with Mixkassette.

    Hosted by:

    ◢ Men-D ◣

    Men-D, also known as Micha Mendel, Transylvania native producer, educated by many great names in the Music industry at BPM sound school in Tel-Aviv. Dividing his schedule between hosting his weekly radio show Electroshow on Radio Cluj, monthly episode on Afterworld sessions,music production and A&R at Tronica Recordings.

    Music Production:

    from moody low tempo music, entire House spectrum and up to Uplifting Trance music, Men-D is constantly working on new materials.

    Radio Shows:

    - ElectroShow:
    weekly 2 hours show on Radio Romania- Cluj, combining Dj skills and producer skills in one act.
    All the material on the show is re-edited, mashed and mixed with extra channels produced by Men-D.

    - Afterworld Sessions:
    Men-D's monthly Trance show being streamed by 11 radio stations world wide.

    Record Labels:
    Tenampa Recordings [Mexico]
    Afterworld Recordings [UK]
    Traum Schallplatten [Germany]
    INLAB Recordings [France]
    Jungle Funk [Canada]
    Abstract Space [Russia]
    D.MAX Recordings [Germany]
    OLD SQL Recordings [Macedonia]
    Fuzion Four Records [USA]
    Freegrant Music (as D&G) [Ukraine]
    Progline Records (as D&G) [Israel]
    Opum Records [Israel]
    Riseup Records [Israel]
    Tronica Recordings (UK)
    BC2 (Serbia)

    ◢ Random Brandon ◣

    Former Co-Founder of Groove Salad
    Disco-infused and melodically-inclined House music.


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