• Making Sense of our World Today

  • 16 Martie 17:30 - 21:30
  • We live in a moment of incredible change, opportunity, transition and challenges. From challenges to democracy and good governance in Romania to the on-going wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, climate change, the Trump Presidency, the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, political crisis in Venezuela, rising populism and right-wing movements across Europe, the situation of the Rohingya in Myanmar, the US-North Korea nuclear stand-off to the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp. At times, the challenges we are facing, newspaper headlines, and the complexity of what is happening in the world seem to be too much. In this special event, internationally renowned peaceworker and advisor to governments and the United Nations, Kai Brand-Jacobsen, will help us make sense of these events but also to see both below and beyond them – to the underlying dynamics and drivers giving rise to them, what lies ahead, and the reality that our world is much more than the challenges we face.
    Kai Brand-Jacobsen is widely recognised as one of the leading practitioners and experts in dealing with conflicts, crisis and wars in the world today. Director of the Department of Peace Operations of PATRIR – the Romanian Peace Institute – he has been called upon by governments, the United Nations, Commonwealth, OSCE and national and international organisations and agencies to assist in crisis management, mediation, violence prevention, peacebuilding and post-war recovery, reconciliation and peace consolidation. With 20+ years experience he has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur-Sudan, South Sudan, Colombia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Moldova, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Liberia, Burma/Myanmar, Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, Libya and elsewhere. He has spoken at TEDx events, lectured and taught at more than 40 universities including Oxford, Columbia, the United Nations University for Peace and provided training to senior leadership, government officials, UN mission and agency staff.