• College Party - 7 Sins

  • 17 Ianuarie 22:00 - 18 Ianuarie 02:00
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  • So here we meet again! And with a party that embraces the top 7 sins we all love.

    Each drink will define a "sin" so choose wisely!

    Did you ‘’lust’’ for things you shouldn’t these past few weeks? Then Vodka Cranberry is your drink;
    If you were the "sloth’’ of the month, we've got Vodka RedBull;
    "Gluttony" goes well with Vodka Orange;
    If you "envy" your sister, 'cus her Christmas present was more wooow, then you can wash down the bitterness with a Vodka Tonic or Vodka Apple;
    Mojito for the "greed"-y;
    If you have an ounce of "wrath", we've got you sorted with a Cuba Libre;
    And if you think you're a party animal we dare you to try the Tokyo Iced Tea or Kamikaze;
    Those of you who think are without "sin", don't worry, like always, we have beer. Like lots and lots of beer.

    Are you ready to ‘’pay’’ for the sins you’ve made last year?