• Codiax

  • 16 Noiembrie 09:00 - 13:00
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  • After building up Techsylvania for the past four years and still going strong, we wanted to focus even more on software development, as one of the three pillars that have set the direction for our vision: “code, product, funding”. We have created Codiax with the intention of enabling a coordinated transfer of deep technology know-how from worldwide leaders to software engineers and developers in a three-day event.

    Deep technology relates user and context in an ecological, symbiotic way, helping us get closer to the world and expand our human insight. With continuously increasing computing power, digital presence and a forthcoming environment where many functions will be replaced by AI, we all need a better understanding of these technological advances. The future is coming anyway, so we must meet it properly prepared.

    Our main focus will be on the following topics:
    -Artificial Intelligence
    -VR & AR
    -Internet of things
    -Frontier hardware

    Cluj, November 16–17th
    Our meeting will kick-off with a series of technical workshops addressed to software engineers and developers. Closely following, speakers from various industries profoundly impacted by deep technology will share their experiences on stage.

    First speakers:
    -Dr. Alexey Ershov Vice President, Platform & Solutions, Watson Internet of Things at IBM Corporation
    -Vlad Lata, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder at KONUX

    Participation is limited to 250 attendees so book your Early bird ticket soon on https://codiax.co/