• SIGALA at Club NOA - 2 MAR 2018

  • 2 Martie 23:00 - 03 Martie 01:00
  • Club NOA presents: SIGALA | Friday, March 2nd, 2018 |

    Easy Love ► http://bit.do/Sigala-EasyLove
    Sweet Lovin' ► http://bit.do/Sigala-SweetLovin
    Give Me Your Love ► http://bit.do/Sigala-GiveMeYourLove
    Came Here For Love ► http://bit.do/Sigala-CameHereForLove

    ● Early BIRD 50 lei - numar limitat de bilete (aceste biletele se pot achiziționa de la sediul clubului NOA, de pe www.eventim.ro sau de la sediul Eventim din Iulius Mall)
    ● 80 lei - in seara evenimetului

    [BIO SIGALA] – In the space of just eight months, 25-year-old Bruce Fielder has gone from nowhere to essentially dominating the UK dance scene. As Sigala, he’s already scored one gargantuan Number 1 single in the shape of the Jackson 5-sampling, tropical house-inspired Easy Love (his and Ministry of Sound’s first Platinum-selling single has sold over 600,000 copies, and spent 41 weeks in the chart) then followed that up with two Top 5 singles – Sweet Lovin’ featuring Bryn Christopher (over 565,000 sales), and the DJ Fresh/Imani collaboration Say You Do. Oh and the glorious funk-meets-disco-meets-house shimmer of Give Me Your Love, features powerhouse vocalist John Newman and actual living legend Nile Rodgers.
    – Growing up in rural Norfolk, “right out in the countryside so you had to make your own fun”, Fielder was surrounded by music. While his house was full of Queen records thanks to his parents.
    – Studying Commercial Music, Fielder slowly started making a name for himself as a producer among his fellow students. “I went to London with a really open mind and would work with anyone who wanted to really. There were a lot of rappers on our course so I’d play them some of my stuff and they’d ask me to make some beats for them.” Around this time the name Sigala was born.
    – While it felt like a breakthrough of sorts, Sigala started to get frustrated at the fact that he was finally making music but not necessarily on his own terms. “I was doing something that I knew I wanted to do but not in the way I wanted to do it,” he says. “It was crushing my creativity. I wanted to do something for myself.” Out of this frustration, and thanks in part to a lot of tequila, came Easy Love – UK Number 1 single. Multiple offers of DJ sets and sudden fame. “It was mad. It was not my aim at all, I just wanted to pay the bills.
    – Keen to show that he was more than just a cut-n-paste remixer, Easy Love’s follow-up, Sweet Lovin’, was an original composition. In fact it was that song that caught the attention of John Newman, who asked to work with him.
    – A brilliant mix of contradictions, Bruce Fielder, aka Sigala, is the private, almost shy guy whose flashy party trick used to be playing the keyboard with his jumper over his head. He’s the tech-obsessed muso who also enjoys go-karting and anything to do with driving flash cars really fast. More importantly, he’s the humble lad from Norfolk who’s controlling the future of pop-lead dance music one banger at a time. Get ready, things are only just getting started!

    Rezervation: 0748 290 090 – RSVP general terms and conditions: http://bit.do/Termeni-si-Conditii
    Age: 18 & Over