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  • Janis La Stuf

    The only Dance-club in the country open & "alive" 7 night (parties) / week !

    An "All times music" club!

    Janis la Stuf, 7 nights / week, from dusk till dawn, 3 bars, the best dance music , old and new, more than 400 square meters of "resurrected" medieval underground, cartoons of musicians and beautiful flowers made by talented artists and art students, nets, ropes and reed brought from Vama Veche. More than 10.000 people a month, coming from the city and beyond to have "a hell of a good time" without prejudice and without age concerns on the bounciest and most eclectic music, a unique blend including a multitude of styles, times and genres!

    For two consecutive years, Janis la STUF was TIFF’s official club (then it handed on the torch to its older "sister", the Janis club).

    Janis la STUF is the place known all around the country and the world and almost all foreigners who came to Stuf exclaimed admiringly: "wow, I’ve never seen something like that before."

    Janis la STUF is already a legend, a genuine landmark on the map of Cluj, a reason in itself to come to Cluj and stay as long as you feel young.


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