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  • Welcome to an unconventional place in an unconventional setting. Boiler Club is a storage tank for creative music and artists. Offbeat and atypical sounds will bring the ambiance close to a boiling point.

    BOILER adopts and promotes the urban industrial style in a minimalist and artistic tone. The club has renewed the ruggedness of the location through bold interior and environmental design, while maintaining the original architecture and many elements from the former interior (concrete walls, engines, pipes, lighting installations).

    BOILER’s approach to music is unconventional, embracing a whole range of experimental, courageous, and distinct sounds: from Funky
    Breaks and Breaks, to Nu Funk, to Electro and even Swing.


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    Kairos Invitatii
    20 November 2016

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    Mihu Wu
    31 January 2016

    Doomy Cata
    10 April 2015

    Robert Ledenyi
    24 February 2015

    Daniela Mitrea
    7 December 2014